“I am me.  I am interested in freedom.  Good luck.”

This is a place to write things down. A place to share things.  A place to learn things.  A place to let go.  A place to listen.  A place to speak.

I am using this site in combination with my Facebook Account to hold any information I give out on Facebook that might be useful to others who may be raising a child on the spectrum.  You can find me on Facebook as Freebird Speaks.  This is a relatively new site as I’ve just published it, so you won’t find much  written for a while. I hope you take something with you useful.  And I hope you pass it on to others.  You’ll also find some other links here to my other pages that track the life of my daughter on the spectrum.  These are Lilybird’s Freedom & Lilybird Speaks. There is a site dedicated to education as well called Educating Freedom.  I’ve linked them in case they might help someone along their journey.  Thank you for reading.  

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