Adapting Education

I know many people are homeschooling right now and many people have not gone the homeschooling route before. This can be challenging and confusing. There are all sorts of resources out there and programs and curriculums to choose from including apps of all kinds. It’s not always easy finding the right program to suit your… Read More

Give them paint….

Your child is moving too much  They can’t learn.   They get up and down  Move backwards and forwards.   Bounce.  Writhe Kick Scream.  Why?  Proprioceptive input Vestibular input Needed.    We need to move sometimes to think Movement, in the vestibular sense increases focus.   So the movement is necessary for focus.    Quite often when the… Read More

Something smells fishy.

Something is fishy.    I am a part of many apraxia related groups as well as sensory differences, autistic groups…..etc.  but mainly in the apraxia related group I am finding a surprising number of people who look for alternative means to speech therapy.  Now, I understand when you’re ready to lose a few pounds, and… Read More

Wash your hands

There’s a lot of talk right now about a particular play going on called All in a Row, at Southwark Playhouse in the UK.    Here’s a few articles about it for those of you who haven’t read about it yet. The premise is based on autism and includes the perspective from… Read More

Take the Time

You need to take the time.  Do something that belongs to you.  Just you.  Whether you go out & get your hair done, your nails done or a new tan.  Whether you just sit in your car with the radio on to your favorite song & sing your head off.  You need to shut those… Read More