Design & Drill: Fine Motor Skills

I hardly ever get excited about toys but I want to share something with you all that I discovered today with my children.  In an effort to have my 6 year old twins play a game together that incorporated learning skills and fun I pulled out a toy called Design & Drill.  This is one… Read More

Teach Them to Read

I want to stress how important it is to teach your child to read.  There are parents reading this right now who have children with apraxia of Speech.  I’ll say it again. Teach your child to read.  There are parents reading this right now who have children on the spectrum.  Teach your child to read.… Read More

Dyspraxia & Sensory Integration

We have five senses. Touch (Tactile) Vision (Sight) Auditory (Auditory) Taste (Gustatory) Smell (Olfactory) You can read more about this here: But we also have a 6th and 7th sense we rarely talk about. 6. Vestibular or Movement 7. Proprioceptive or How we feel ourselves in space. The vestibular sense is exactly how it sounds.… Read More

A cream soda

I grew up drinking cream sodas.  Daddy would bring them home in their little boxes lined up brown & hard to open.  He’d pull one out of the box & gingerly open one for me pouring me half & waiting.  I loved cream sodas.  I loved the way they were clear like my fathers beer… Read More

Freebird Speaks

I’m doing something different.  I’m speaking.  Except I’m not really speaking. I’m typing.  Which means just because I’m not speaking doesn’t mean I can’t.  And if I couldn’t speak would not equal no thoughts or ideas to speak about.  Whether I can type says what you think I am capable of.  What I am capable… Read More