Something smells fishy.

Something is fishy.    I am a part of many apraxia related groups as well as sensory differences, autistic groups…..etc.  but mainly in the apraxia related group I am finding a surprising number of people who look for alternative means to speech therapy.  Now, I understand when you’re ready to lose a few pounds, and… Read More

Wash your hands

There’s a lot of talk right now about a particular play going on called All in a Row, at Southwark Playhouse in the UK.    Here’s a few articles about it for those of you who haven’t read about it yet. The premise is based on autism and includes the perspective from… Read More

Teach Them to Read

I want to stress how important it is to teach your child to read.  There are parents reading this right now who have children with apraxia of Speech.  I’ll say it again. Teach your child to read.  There are parents reading this right now who have children on the spectrum.  Teach your child to read.… Read More

Some Speech Material Ideas

Many people post questions about speech therapy materials.  They want to know how to implement speech therapy at home.  There are all sorts of programs out there & it can get confusing quick when you bring up all the options.  I wanted to post a few of my favorites. When it comes to speech I… Read More

Dyspraxia & Sensory Integration

We have five senses. Touch (Tactile) Vision (Sight) Auditory (Auditory) Taste (Gustatory) Smell (Olfactory) You can read more about this here: But we also have a 6th and 7th sense we rarely talk about. 6. Vestibular or Movement 7. Proprioceptive or How we feel ourselves in space. The vestibular sense is exactly how it sounds.… Read More