I want to tell you why movement is important. I read many posts where I hear parents say that their child cannot and will not sit still for a lesson that they are doing whether it be handwriting or watching a video class. This is because it is hard to sit still and learn. Yes. You heard me right. You can’t just sit there and learn anything. Most of us. As adults….Can sit still visually but as we are learning we are moving in directions in our mind with pre thought up dispositions to what is being said…..but you see other people can’t sit still. And you know what? That’s not only different it’s beautiful. It is a whole different level of the senses where the body comes together in sensory integration and speaks out in movement. Outwards instead of inwards. Movement helps us to focus. Movement helps us to learn. It helps all of us. This is an important thing to note.

I read about speech therapy not going so well for many students. I read about the mothers wanting to give up on it because their child can’t sit still. I see alternatives. Let the child move during these instances they need to move but PREPARE FOR IT. In other words, look for that therapy ball chair online that has a stand on it. Let the child move while they learn. They will learn more. If you are doing a speech therapy session online with a ST…….have the target sounds you are practicing on a table opposite to where the camera is (computer)….the child runs for the sound brings it back to the camera….says target sound then runs for another……this gives everyone time to process and everyone is happy in the end. Things are learned. Not forced.

Movement. Is key. Please keep this in mind while homeschooling. If you can provide your child with a platform swing indoors go for it. If you can provide your child with a hammock swing for reading go for that too…..Make your living room a playground if you are able. But over all remember movement is key. Movement is the key to sensory integration.